Co-Ownership in

Northern Ireland

Lisburn Mortgage Centre can advise the Co-Ownership N.I. scheme and can help applicants on a lower income secure the home they want.

How Co-Own works

Simply, you buy a home together with Co-Own:

You buy the share of a house that you can afford and Co-Ownership buy the rest. You then pay the mortgage on your share and pay rent to Co-Own on theirs.

Starting at 50% up to a maximum of 90%, the share of the property you can own will be based on how much you can afford. Once you are comfortable, you can then buy back shares from Co-Ownership bit-by-bit until you own it all!

How LMC can help

At Lisburn Mortgage Centre we can help you to navigate the Co-Own application process. Our broker will search the mortgage market to help you find the most suitable mortgage lender to support your equity share.

We will also help you to plan for the future if your goal is to own your home outright. 

Did you know, you don’t always need a deposit to buy a home with Co-Own? Some mortgage lenders will support this type of application.

Talk to us today to find out if this is right for you.

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